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Additional Franchise Categories

  • Meal Assembly Franchise
    Meal Assembly Franchise - Meal Prep Franchise
    Complete Meal Prep Business Review. Information on the Meal Prep Business, Meal Assembly Business. Learn about the options available in Meal Prep Franchise & Meal Assembly Franchise business models.

  • Juice and Smoothie Franchises
    Popularity of the blended fruit drinks can be easily explained: Convenience, taste and how healthy they make people feel! No doubt about it, people are becoming more health-conscious all the time. More important, people are busier. A smoothie business is the ultimate grab-and-go product that attracts those people.

  • Tanning Franchise Review
    If you are looking for a successful franchise opportunity then the tanning franchise salon industry really is the one for you! Low Employee Franchise Model. Repeat customers, monthly memberships help keep forecast revenues steady.There are over hundreds of tanning salon franchises in over 30 markets in the tanning Industry. The tanning franchise salon business has grown to a $8 Billion dollar industry. With many Americans looking for that youthful, sexy look, tanning franchise business opportunities enters into its next stage of growth, helping customers who are looking for a branded solution that will ensure that their health, security and customer service needs are taken care of.

  • Tax Franchise Review
    As long as there are taxes there will be people who need help completing the necessary forms. While most people dread this process, there are actually a few of us who enjoy it. If you fall in the latter camp, consider starting a Tax Franchise or Business Opportunity.

  • Auto and Tool Franchise
    To help you find the best fit for your particular life style, location and investment range, you can speak with a trained franchise consultant familiar with the Automotive Franchise Industry, they can guide you in the right direction.

  • Childrens Franchises
    Childcare and education has and always will be popular with parents across the world. As more and more mothers are entering the workplace, and all parents are finding it necessary to work longer hours and even take on second jobs, childcare is a growing industry that shows no sign of slowing.

  • Best Cleaning Franchises
    Are you looking for a franchise opportunity that gives you incredible freedom and potential? An opportunity that allows weekends free for you and your family, with a low start-up initial investment? And best of all, you'll be able to take control of your life! Then a cleaning franchise opportunity is for you.

  • Printing Franchises
    The printing industry is one of the most popular industries in the world, not to mention the USA. The advent and increased usage of the Internet has seen more and more small businesses setting up; a lot of these small businesses suddenly find themselves in need of personalized stationery, business cards and many other products that printing services offer. This means that the printing business is not only set to stay but is set to grow markedly over the next few years.

  • Food Franchises
    When deciding on being part of the food franchise business, you must focus on the differentiating aspects of the business from a franchisee's point of view to determine whether or not the food franchise industry is the right one for you. There are some excellent benefits to having a food franchise, but there are also some questions you need to have answered before proceeding in this industry.

  • Staffing Franchises
    Success in business today requires that companies be exceptionality staffed. When a business loses an employee, they need a quality replacement as quickly as possible. Reviewing applicants and checking references can take crucial time that the organization cannot afford to lose. That’s why they turn to staffing agencies.

  • Retail Franchises
    Owning a retail franchise can be very satisfying and more profitable than any other typical start up business. With an average initial franchise investment of $250,000, more and more Americans are finding their dreams reachable in the retail franchise market.

  • Sign Franchises
    Signs are one of the most dynamic ways to advertise your business or activity. Whether you are looking to let people know about your garage sale or you are a large corporation looking for billboard space, signs are often the most influential factor in the success of any business venture. This is why sign franchises are so successful and lucrative. Everyone at one time or another needs signs, and by starting your own sign franchise, be it a yard sign franchise or a full blown billboard sign franchise, you are tapping into an $8 billion-plus market.

  • More Tanning Franchises
    Because both men and women associate a deep, rich tan with health and beauty, your new indoor tanning business franchise opportunity will always be busy with customers year round. Tanning Business franchisors help train qualified personnel, so that you can enjoy your new success with family and friends, while your customers get the pampering that they crave, indoor tanning!

  • Dry Cleaning Business
    Because of the nature of the dry cleaning business, dry cleaning franchise, service it can survive the troughs of recession where other businesses throughout various industries will struggle to maintain a good level of income.

  • Coffee Franchises
    With as many different coffee business or most call them coffee franchises on the market today as there are coffee beans on the back of Juan Valdez's burro - picking the right coffee franchise becomes one of the most difficult taste tests that you will ever make. Here at java bean review, you can review the various coffee franchise, coffee business opportunity, coffee drive thru business, coffee kiosk, coffee shop options.

  • Fitness Franchise
    Every year, more people decide that it's time to get into shape. And they look for professionals to help them do it. In fact, government economists expect fitness training and aerobics instruction to be one of the fastest growing industry through 2012. The greater variety of skills you have, the better your chances of enjoying your financial freedom in this field and associating yourself with one of the Best Fitness Franchises that would best suit your personal and financial goals.

  • Hair Franchise
    Listed are ten distinct franchise concepts, which appeal to a wide demographic. These franchise opportunities are among the top tenants for mall and life-style centers. In a $150 billion industry - find the concept that could meet your growth objectives.

  • Pet Franchises
    This year we’ll shell out more than $40 billion to keep our furry friends fed, adorned, amused and healthy—the latter a huge growth category, with more and more owners paying top dollar for elaborate medical treatments to forestall that inevitable last visit to the vet. By the end of the decade, we’ll be spending $50 billion on pet products, according to the APPMA.

  • Low Cost Franchise Review
    Finding a good return on your investment has never been easier with a focused list of low-cost franchises opportunities. Included in our directory are some home base franchise business opportunities. Yes - you could work from home.

  • Remodel Repair Franchises
    A Interior Design or Handyman business opportunity is the answer if you are looking for a business with an enormous customer base. The high-demand interior design and handyman service satisfies over 100 million U.S. homeowners and commercial customers that need interior design and handyman services, home repairs, and property maintenance.